About Acme

Trusted Textile Manufacturer

Acme Textile Mills has been trusted amongst suppliers globally for the finest home and hotel-grade textiles for over five decades. Our textile company deeply understands the quality textile manufacturing process. With state-of-the-art technology and modern processes, we have established ourselves as a reliable linen manufacturing company supplying renowned hospitality organizations globally in the hospitality and home industry.

Quality Meets Innovation

Serving as a Hospitality and Home Textiles Company in the Market for Over 50 Years

As a textile company, Acme Textile Mills operates a vertically integrated mill. This operation and production model allows us to produce long-lasting and high-quality fabrics. Our manufacturing facility has top-of-the-line air jet looms that allow us to weave different weave patterns, designs, and structures to produce using the finest quality yarn. We are a single-source textile company serving your hospitality and home textile needs.

Since 1965, Acme Textile Mills is committed to deliver fabrics and terries engineered to be durable, high on return on investment and one that lifts room ambiance. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, paired with rigorous quality control processes, a highly skilled technical team, and expertise in product development, allow us to deliver superior-value products at market-competitive prices.

Lets Experience Exclusive Quality



We have gained valuable insights and learnings from our vast time conducting business with various brands in the hospitality and home sectors. Branding and identity are of utmost importance. Our vertically integrated model enables us to be a textile company that offers customization so that the products meet your branding needs.

Committed to Quality

As a top-notch linen company, Acme Textile Mills is committed to providing its customers with fabrics and terries engineered for durability, longevity, and value. Our modern manufacturing facilities, unwavering quality control processes, skilled technical team, experience, and expertise in product research and development allow us to deliver high value products. We work closely with our clients to collect feedback and improve our products. This is what makes us do repeat business.

Competitive Pricing

At Acme Textile Mills, we believe in providing our customers with exceptional investment value. By removing layers of unnecessary cost, we streamline our operations and supply chain to deliver the best possible value to you. Along with our high-quality textile products, we offer competitive and reasonable prices that make our offerings accessible to several customers as a linen company.


  • Textile company with over 50 years of production (manufacturing), export, and distribution experience in high-quality home and hotel textile products.
  • An in-house production process, ensuring precision at every step. It is engineered to deliver durability, longevity, and value.
  • Custom-tailored orders on specific business needs and preferences include different yarn twists, bulks, strengths, lengths, finenesses, fabric compositions, weaves, and thread counts.
  • A workforce of 300 employees to delivering superior products and personalized customer service.
  • We follow a process of continuous product and quality control improvement and innovation.
  • Our bed and bath linens are OEKO-TEX Certified, ensuring they are free from harmful substances and prioritizing your well-being.

Exporting All Around the Globe

  • For over 50 years, we have exported our products to multiple countries in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Our high customer retention rate and decades-long customer relationships show our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products that deliver value over investment.
  • We are actively working on customer fulfillment and happiness at a global scale.
  • Our comprehensive product catalog showcases a diverse range and variations of product offerings.
  • Our global distribution network and successful partnerships showcase our dedication to delivering exceptional products to customers worldwide.