Our Capabilities

Acme Mills firmly believes in smart business practices and manufacturing excellence. We not only understand the vitals of branding but also ensure that the textile solutions we provide match the specific needs of our valuable customers. Our business practices are centered on providing exceptional quality. We only select the finest materials, colors, and textures and … Continue reading Product Design

Our yarn-to-fabric manufacturing process allows us to provide our consumers with the best possible textile solutions that would match their demands and satisfy their needs. We have an annual capacity to manufacture 10 million metres of fabric and 15 million lbs of towels. Read More

Our fabric-weaving units are Belgium’s modern Picanol Summum air jet weaving looms that weave the highest quality yarn that make top of the line products for different global markets and customer segments. With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. … Continue reading Air Jet Looms

Acme Mills understands the challenges that come with shipping internationally. That’s why we provide comprehensive logistics solutions to streamline the process for you. Our experienced logistics team takes charge of shipping arrangements, manages customs clearance, and ensures secure delivery to the final destination. Acme Mills has a strong logistics and warehousing network at the back-end, … Continue reading Logistics

Our manufacturing process includes a comprehensive set of professional and technical practices that allow us to uphold standards of quality. The manufacturing of quality products demands great attention to detail during the production process which encompasses yarn preparation, weaving, finishing, stitching, and stringent quality control measures.

We are working towards always upgrading our manufacturing and the technology we utilize at manufacturing processes. Apart from that, we work closely with with our clients to study the challenges faced by them, their rigorous washing routine, and their low-quality fabrics. We then create a product that caters to their needs and preferences. This makes … Continue reading Innovation and Sustainability