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Acme Textiles is your one-stop textile store for all your home and hotel linen needs. Based in Pakistan, Acme has operated with great aptitude and competence to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the global textile industry. We are professionals with the capability of providing all sorts of textile solutions, i.e., design, manufacturing, and shipment. We produce durable and high-quality products using advanced technology and a highly skilled technical team.

Acme Textile Mills is considered a reliable textile exporter for hotels and wholesalers that cater to the domestic needs of consumers at the retail level. We handle the entire production process in-house, from weaving to finishing. With a global textile distribution network spanning across the globe,


Acme Mills is a leading manufacturer and exporter of home and hotel textiles in Karachi, Pakistan. With over 50 years of experience, we produce durable and high-quality products using state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled technical team, Acme Mills handles the entire production process in-house, from weaving to finishing. We also offer customization based on customer needs, including various yarn compositions, weaves, and thread counts.
ACME Textile Industry

Custom Made Products

In the dynamic textile industry, customization is a pivotal trend, allowing businesses to cater to diverse consumer preferences. From personalized designs to tailored materials, customization fosters innovation and customer satisfaction, driving the industry forward in a rapidly evolving market


We specialize in the production of home and hospitality textiles and use state-of-the-art machinery and modern designs that are at par with the global textile industry, ensuring exceptional durability and remarkable quality. Our streamlined production process allows us to maintain a remarkable 85% efficiency rate, unmatched by any other in the textile industry.

From Design to Delivery | Textile Industry For Quality and Style

Textile industry
The initial process for producing fabric is called weaving. By employing air jet looms that operate at over 800RPM we produce the fabric of finest quality, textures, structures, and designs.
Bleaching process in Textile manufacturing
To add the finest finish to the fabric our production process includes a punctilious process comprising of bleaching or micro-whitening that enhances the appearance of the fabric.
précised stitching
To produce durable and lasting fabrics for your textile store needs all our products have a minimum of seven stitches per inch that are placed strategically to create a strong hem.
Quality control
Quality Control
By implementing top-notch quality control measures, Acme Textiles ensures that its products are of the highest quality defined by modern-day international standards.
ACME Distribution network
The ACME Textiles global distribution network allows them to become a cost-effective and efficient textile exporter. All our products are carefully packed in sturdy packaging to ensure safe delivery right to your doorstep.

Inside Acme Mills | Leading Textile Manufacturer | Production Process

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