A durable and long-lasting pillow for business owners and a comfortable and soft one for the end users. Our hotel bed pillows provide a fluffy softness making the sleeper feel relaxed.

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Hotel Bed Pillows

Equipped with advanced manufacturing technology Acme Mills is a renowned hotel bed pillow manufacturer. Every pillow we carry is crafted from 100% rich virgin polyester fiber that provides long-lasting comfort and resilience in every use. Using advanced vacuum pillow filling machinery, the fiber is evenly distributed inside the pillow shell to avoid clumping and add firmness so they won’t flatten out. We guarantee to provide comfortable and soft neck support with our pillows. All the wholesale pillows are designed to deliver superior performance and resilience at the most reasonable price, making sure your investment is worth it.

Wholesale Pillows 

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest air jet loom technology that allows us to manufacture and distribute wholesale pillows at a magnanimous level. We are the ones you have been looking for to match your hospitality textiles as well as home textile needs. 

Your partner in ensuring your guests get a good night’s sleep 

Acme Mills’ adherence to the highest standards of quality and best practices of the textile industry has made us a reliable partner for managing hotel linen and home linen needs for businesses. 

Our hotel bed pillows are a source of pride for us because of the value they provide to our customers through the following qualities.

Top-Notch Fiber

We are pillow manufacturers who use only the finest quality of premium virgin, siliconized hollow conjugated fiber for long-lasting resiliency and superior comfort. This makes our pillows the best for hospitality or home usage. 

A Worthwhile Investment

Our wholesale pillows and inserts offer you the highest standards of quality and comfort for your guests. Durable and soft these hotel pillows can turn out to be the best investment decision made for your business. 

Easy to Maintain

Even after multiple washes, our pillows can survive industrial laundering while retaining their micro-white gloss. After drying, give these pillows a brief fluff to revive their perky texture. Our pillows are also lightweight, making them easier to manage for the staff.

Our Collection of Hotel Bed Pillows

Acme Mills’ provides you with a range of bedding accessories which include a variety of hotel collection pillows, blankets, duvet inserts and covers, and mattress pads. 

Our collection of hotel bed pillows features the following products economy pillows, down alternative pillows, and micro gel down alternative pillows. We also provide wholesale pillow inserts. 

Economy Pillows 

If you are looking for a low-cost option for your motel or hotel bedding, our Economy Pillows are the perfect choice. They are filled with 24 oz. of fluffy and hypoallergenic siliconized fiber and covered with a smooth and sturdy blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They come in two sizes: standard (20 x 26 inches) and king (20 x 36 inches), to suit any bed size. Your guests will appreciate the cozy and comfortable feel of these economy hotel pillows.

Down Alternative Pillows

Our down alternative pillows are the ultimate choice for motels, hotels, and resorts that want to provide their guests with a luxurious and allergy-free sleeping experience. They are made with high-quality virgin hollow siliconized fiber that gives them a soft yet firm feel. They are wrapped in a T-235 100% combed cotton shell with rope piping for extra strength and elegance. They are available in three sizes: standard (20 x 26 inches), jumbo (20 x 30 inches), and king (20 x 36 inches), to meet any guest room needs.

 Micro Gel Down Alternative Pillows

Treat your guests to a lavish sleep with our micro gel down alternative pillow, ideal for upscale hospitality settings. These plush pillows are stuffed with fine micro-siliconized gel fiber that mimics the softness of down, making it a genuine substitute for duck/goose-down pillows. Hypoallergenic and protected by a T-235 combed cotton shell, this hotel pillow delivers unmatched comfort and durability against stains and wear. With their non-lumping, maximum loft design, they come in two sizes: standard (20 x 26 inches) and king (20 x 36 inches), ensuring a truly opulent experience for your guests.

Pillow Protector

To extend the life of your pillows and keep them fresh and clean, use our Pillow Protectors. They shield your pillows from allergens, microbes, spills, and sweat stains that can ruin your guest’s sleep quality. They have two secure closures: a hidden zipper that is rust-proof and a French fold that prevents the pillowcase protector from opening. They fit all kinds of pillows, including feather and down-alternative pillows. They are much easier to wash and dry than a pillow, saving you the hassle of frequent laundry for hotel pillows.