Down Alternative Pillow


  • Manufactured with the finest virgin siliconized fibers and a 235 thread count combed cotton shell.
  • Provides a medium loft and dense support while sleeping.
  • Using advanced vacuum pillow-filling machinery, the fiber is evenly distributed inside the pillow shell to avoid clumping, making them soft yet firm so that it won’t flatten out.
  • Reinforced with double-needle stitching and rope piping to secure the edges against fraying and provide long-lasting performance.
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030101 Standard 20 x 26 in
51 x 66 cm
26 Oz 12
030102 Jumbo 20 x 30 in
51 x 76 cm
30 Oz 12
030103 King 20 x 36 in
51 x 91 cm
36 Oz 12

Note: All items can be customized as per your weight, size, color, fabric, and other design-related requirements.

Additional Information

  • Made from premium hollow siliconized cluster fiber
  • 100% combed cotton shell
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial protection
  • Long-lasting resiliency and softness
  • Stain-resistant T-235 combed cotton ticking
  • Double-needle stitching with piping to prevent unraveling
  • Durability for washing and drying
  • Long-lasting comfort at a cost-effective price