Luxury Sheets

Are you a luxury-focused hospitality establishment? Are you looking to provide only the most premium and luxurious offerings to your guests? The T-300 luxury bedsheet is the right option for you. These hotel luxury sheets are considered the best in business when it comes to luxury and comfort. 

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T-300 Luxury Bed Sheets

Our T-300 premium wholesale luxury sheets are the ultimate upgrade to improve your guests’ sleep quality. The T-300 hotel luxury sheets are not your average luxury sheets. We have precisely designed and engineered to satisfy the highest quality and performance standards. The most premium qualities for the most luxurious feelings. 

Features and Benefits

Our modern manufacturing unit enables us to meet all your needs for wholesale luxury sheets. T-300 premium bed linens are not your average bed sheets. They have been precisely developed and engineered to satisfy the highest quality and performance criteria.

Our hotel luxury sheets have the following features and benefits:

Luxurious and Lustourous 

Our luxury sheets go through the process which has a double-needle stitched borders, mercerizing, and calendaring. These processes involve treating the cotton fibers with chemicals and heat to make them stronger, shinier, and more absorbent. They also reduce shrinkage and fading and improve the color and luster of the fabric.

Endurance and Longevity

The T-300 luxury bed sheets are designed to last institutional laundering without losing form, size, or quality. They are also stain, odor, and germ-resistant, making them excellent for hotels, hospitals, and other organizations that demand clean and long-lasting bedding. Our T-300 premium hotel luxury sheets have a 3-inch top hem and 1-inch bottom hem, these large hems offer the bed sheets a luxury look and feel while also keeping the edges from fraying or ripping.

Finest Finish 

Acme Mills uses micro white treatment on all of our wholesale luxury sheets. This is a specific treatment that removes any impurities or fading from the fabric, giving the bed sheets an appealing and lively appearance. Our luxury sheets are crease-resistant. This finish prevents the formation of small balls of fiber on the surface of the fabric, which can make the bed sheets look worn and old. It also reduces the need for ironing, as the bed sheets retain their smoothness and flatness after washing and drying. As a consequence, the bed linens and the room have a crisp and clean white tone that enhances their appeal.