T-250 Percale Sheets

Premium, longer-lasting percale sheets for your hospitality business. Percale sheets designed and manufactured by Acme Mills with a 250-thread count are ideal for world-class hospitality business operations. Our T-250 percale sheets are comfortable and stand the test of time.

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Cotton Percale Sheets

The T-250 cotton percale sheets are a great addition to your hotel supplies. These percale sheets are both comfortable and durable. Our cotton percale sheets are made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This provides a soft and smooth feel paired with a lasting performance.

Percale Bed Sheets

The T-250 percale bed sheets are made with a percale weave pattern. These percale sheets use premium-grade cotton and polyester yarn. This weave produces a crisp, smooth, and breathable fabric. This fabric type is a great choice for hot and humid climates but can also be the perfect choice for your hospitality needs. The benefits of choosing our premium percale bed sheets include:


Acme Mills’ percale sheets are designed to have a smooth and inviting appeal for an exceptional guest experience. The polycotton blend with a percale weave allows our T-250 percale bed sheets to be soft and temperature-regulating. This makes them a great option for summers as well as winters.


A hotelier or a home linen business is always looking for longer-lasting and premium bed sheet suppliers. Acme Mills manufactures T-250 percale bed sheets with a polyester mix and a mercerization process to make these premium-grade bed linens resistant to regular wear and tear and commercial laundering. These percale sheets can withstand repeated institutional laundering without compromising on shape, color, or quality.

Easy to Care

Our premium percale sheet fabric features a polycotton blend that is not only durable but also easier to maintain and care for. The T-250 polyester and cotton percale sheets are simple to maintain due to their machine-washable properties.

Affordable and Value for Money

The T-250 percale bed sheets are price-competitive and offer high value for money. While they may be more expensive than sheets with a lower thread count. Our sheets are manufactured using state-of-the-art air-jet loom technology that makes them last longer and more comfortable. This makes them the perfect return on investment for all your bedding supplies.

Upgrade to T-250 Percale Sheets from Acme Mills

Choose Acme Mills’ T-250 percale bed sheets for a luxurious and comfortable guest experience. Our sheets not only offer durability and convenience. Our polyester and cotton percale sheets are ideal for hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast lodging businesses for a premium guest sleep experience.