Economy Bath Towels

We are a manufacturer of budget-friendly, longer-lasting and highly absorbent economy bath towels. We have an economy bath towels set that are a great option for hospitality businesses like hotels, spas, salons, gyms, or hospitals.

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Economy Towels

Acme Mills has got you covered whether you are looking to invest in high-quality white economy towels or colored towels. We are a leading manufacturer of hospitality textiles and possess the capability to manufacture towels of distinctive varieties of beach and pool towels, including economy towels.

Our wholesale economy towels are packed with immense value or return on investment due to the following qualities.

Softness and Comfort

An important factor when it comes to choosing good economy towels is their softness and absorbency. Our economy towels are made from a blend of 86/14 polycotton, making them soft and smooth to touch. The polyester base and a 100% pure cotton loops makes them quick to dry and faster in absorption.


Another factor is to consider how long the towels will last and their return on investment. Our economy towels withstand frequent institutional laundering without losing shape, quality or fading. A double needle stitching ensures no fraying and the towel does not come apart for resilience.

High Absorbency

Absorbency is very important when it comes to choosing the right economy towels. Make sure you understand how well your economy bath towels absorb moisture for a comfortable guest experience. Our economy towels hold up most of the water with the ultra-absorbent cotton loops. And since the base is polyester, it does not absorb much water, drying faster. This helps prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Sizes and Uses

Our wholesale economy towels are perfect for hospitality businesses looking to provide bathing, showering, washing, or cleaning towels. Economy towels don’t get soggy or heavy and can handle most of the moisture. 

To manage the needs of your hotel guests, we offer different sizes of hotel bath towels. The dimensions include: (12 x 12), (16 x 27), (24 x 48), (24 x 50), (27 x 54), (20 x 30).

Where to Buy Economy Towels?

Economy bath towels are a smart choice for businesses that need to provide white towels for their guests, customers, or clients. These towels are affordable, durable, and comfortable, and they have a high absorbency rate. These hotel bath towels are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, which gives them some advantages over other types of towels. Economy towels are available in four products: washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, and bath mats. You can find economy towels at wholesale prices at Acme Mills, a leading supplier of quality towels and linens.