Solid Color Beach Towels

Acme Mills provides you with a wide spectrum of solid color beach towels. Our custom towels for the beachside and pool can be produced in a range of colors to suit your branding needs and thematic demands.

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Luxury Pool Towels

These luxury pool towels are a vital addition to any high-end hotel or resort's facilities since they are crisp, clean, and very absorbent.  With our solid color beach towels, your hotel's dedication to luxury as well as guest happiness will be elevated, where excellence meets pleasure for each sun-soaked moment.

The Right Type of Solid Color Beach Towels

If you are looking for high-quality, durable, and stylish beach towels for your hotel, resort, or spa, you might want to consider solid color beach towels from Acme Mills. These luxury towels are made from 100% finest combed cotton, which makes them soft, absorbent, and relaxing. They also come in a variety of colors that can match any decor and mood. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing solid color beach towels for your hospitality business.

Softness and Relaxing

One of the most important factors that guests look for in a beach towel is how soft and comfortable it feels on their skin. Custom towels from Acme Mills are made from 100% finest combed cotton, which means that the fibers are carefully selected and processed to remove any impurities and short strands. This results in a smooth, even, and luxurious texture that is gentle and soothing to the touch. Your guests will love wrapping themselves in these towels after a refreshing swim or a relaxing sunbath.

Color Spectrum

Another advantage of solid color beach towels is that they offer a wide range of colors that can suit any preference and occasion. Whether you want to create a calm and serene atmosphere with castle rock gray, sage green, or sand castle tan, or a vibrant and lively one with cherry cola, white, or evening blue, you can find the perfect shade for your business. You can also mix and match different colors to create a unique and attractive display.These luxury towels can help you enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of your outdoor space.

Industrial Laundering

Finally, solid color beach towels are designed to withstand frequent and heavy-duty washing and drying, which is essential for any hospitality business. These custom towels feature double-needle stitching, which makes them durable and resistant to tearing and fraying. They also retain their shape, size, and color after multiple washes, thanks to the high-quality dyeing process and the natural properties of cotton. You can rest assured that these towels will look fresh and new for a long time, even after repeated use and laundering.

Where to Buy Solid Color Beach Towels?

Available in any size and weight you want, we offer a perfect blend of luxury and affordability for hotels, motels, resorts, and other properties. These solid-colored towels are made from premium two-ply cotton yarn, ensuring exceptional softness. The towels are durably stitched to prevent fraying and can withstand institutional laundering. Available in various vibrant colors, including white, royal blue, yellow, aqua blue, navy blue, and apple green, these fade-resistant towels add an attractive touch to any bathroom, spa, or pool area. Acme Mills also offers customized embroidery options for branding purposes. Visit our website to check our complete range of solid color beach towels and other products in this category such as Cabana Pool Towels and Horizontal Stripe Pool Towels.