Platinum Bath Towels


  • Ideal towel for hotels & resorts.
  • The ultimate blend of luxury & comfort at a very attractive price.
  • Very soft and fluffy due to 100% cotton loops and 100% cotton base.
  • Elegant twill dobby border enhances the room’s ambiance.
  • These towels are lightweight, fast-drying, and cost-effective.
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010105 Bath Towel 24 x 50 in
61 x 127 cm
10.50 lbs 60
010109 Bath Towel 27 x 50 in
69 x 127 cm
12.00 lbs 36
010106 Bath Towel 27 x 54 in
69 x 137 cm
15.00 lbs 36
010107 Bath Towel 30 x 56 in
76 x 142 cm
18.00 lbs 36

Note: All items can be customized as per your weight, size, color, fabric, and other design-related requirements.

Additional Information

  • Platinum Towels offer softness and quick absorbency, which means ultimate comfort and fast drying results.
  • These towels not only feel soft to the touch and smooth against the skin but also stand up over time, offering tear-resistant strength and long-lasting durability.
  • The unique dobby border design gives a luxurious look, adding elegance to your hotel bathroom.
  • Every Platinum Towel is crafted with double-needle stitching with a minimum of 7 stitches, which makes them highly durable.
  • Quality tests have shown that our Platinum Towels give a significantly higher number of washes than other comparable brands due to their superior stitching quality and 100% cotton base.
  • Used in hotels, healthcare, fitness, and other standard hospitality institutions.