T-300 Luxury Duvet Cover


Our T-300 Luxury Duvet Cover is meticulously crafted from a blend of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester. This exceptional combination offers long-lasting comfort and strength, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep that surpasses expectations. Designed to effortlessly fit over any same-size duvet, our cover features a hidden-button closure that securely holds it in place, creating a seamless and stylish appearance. With our unique anti-wear-and-tear construction, you can rest assured that the fabric will maintain its quality and durability, allowing you to enjoy countless nights of tranquility. Additionally, our T-300 Luxury Duvet Cover ensures a quick change and easy care, simplifying your bedding routine and providing the ultimate convenience.

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070302 Twin 70 x 93 in
183 x 236 cm
070305 Full 86 x 93 in
218 x 236 cm
070303 Queen 94 x 99 in
239 x 251 cm
070304 King 110 x 99 in
279 x 251 cm

Note: All items can be customized as per your weight, size, color, fabric, and other design related requirements.

Additional Information

  • Made of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester blend that offers long-lasting comfort and strength
  • The duvet cover fits over any same-size duvet, and it includes a hidden-button closure for securing in place
  • Our unique anti-wear-and-tear construction guarantees longer fabric life so you can rest good night after night
  • Ensures a quick change and easy care