Kitchen Towel


  • Highly durable and resistant to wear and tear
  • Ideal for surviving in a harsh kitchen environment.
  • Feather-soft, highly absorbent, easy to dry, and budget-friendly.
  • Can handle multi-purpose kitchen work without falling apart.
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018801 Kitchen Towel 15 x 25 in
38 x 64 cm

Note: All items can be customized as per your weight, size, color, fabric, and other design- related requirements.

Additional Information

  • Made with poly-cotton blend for durability and easy machine washing.
  • Extra-soft feel and excellent absorption.
  • Lightweight, absorbent, easy to dry, and economical.
  • The multi-purpose towel can tackle drying, wiping, cleaning, and other housekeeping tasks.
  • It comes in a double-sided tan color with a box pattern to match any kitchen or guest room style.
  • Designed for restaurants, hotels, bars, office kitchens, breakrooms, or other hospitality institutions.